The National Assembly elected Dimitar Glavchev as the President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office (BNAO) at its parliamentary session on 28th of July 2023. 148 members of the Parliament supported his candidacy, 34 voted "against", 6 abstained.

Dimitar Glavchev was sworn in before the National Assembly. The mandate of the BNAO President is 7 years.

Mr. Glavchev was welcomed today at the audit institution headquarters by the acting BNAO President, Ms Goritsa Grancharova-Kozhareva, who symbolically handed him the key to the President's office.

Mr. Glavchev met with the BNAO management team - the audit directors, the heads of departments in the audit directorates and the heads of the other structural units. Mr Glavchev said that he is very much counting on their professional work in order to fulfil the institution's responsibilities and to improve public sector governance.

During the meeting the question about the need to attract competent and experienced personnel as auditors was raised. Ms. Grancharova - Kozhareva emphasized that the BNAO received support from the National Assembly for an increase in the employees’ salaries. She thanked the entire BNAO team for their high professionalism during the extremely difficult situation in the last few months.

After that, a blessing with Holy water was held for the good health, well-being and successful work of all BNAO employees. His Eminence Bishop Polycarp of Belogradchik, vicar of the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte, blessed those present and, on behalf of His Holiness, presented Mr. Glavchev with a diptych with icons of Jesus Christ and Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus Christ. The new President also received an icon of the Holy Mother of God of the Seven Arrows from the entire BNAO team.