The Bulgarian National Audit Office's s symbol is a statuette of a falcon stepped over a cliff of coins.

The different elements of the image symbolize:

The Falcon – king of the birds, nobility, supremacy. The falcon is a Bulgarian symbol of patronage.

The Cliff – symbolizes strength, stability, security, endurance and power.

The Coins – symbolize the treasury, protected by the falcon, a safeguard against violation.

The BNAO symbol is work of the Bulgarian sculptor Bogomil Zhivkov.

Bulgarian and foreign citizens, as well as media representatives, are awarded with the statuette, symbol of the BNAO, for their contribution in developing and strenghtening the role of the Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The design of the BNAO logo is developed on the basis of its symbol.


 The National Audit Office Plate and Anniversary Medal


The NAO plate and the Anniversary Medal "130 years BNAO" manufactured in the mint of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The front side of them represents the national emblem of the Republic of Bulgaria, adopted in 1997.


On the reverse side is the embossed copy of the seal of the former Bulgarian Supreme Audit Institution, established in 1880.


The plate and the medal are presented to Bulgarian and foreign citizens for their contribution to the development and recognition of the Bulgarian Supreme Audit Institution, to SAI presidents when visiting Bulgaria, to prize winners of the annual stimulating awards, given to encourage the electronic and printed media and for journalists in covering the NAO activity, to NAO employees on important occasions and upon retiring.