The Bulgarian National Audit Office was elected for the second time as Auditor of EUROSAI for the financial periods 2021 - 2023 during the XI EUROSAI Congress. Our institution received 44 votes in favour, none against and only three abstentions.

The XI EUROSAI Congress was held on the 14th of April, entirely online due to the global pandemic situation caused by Covid-19. The hosts, from SAI Czech Republic also plan another meeting, in person, to be held in 2022 in Prague.

The Congress began with the 53rd EUROSAI Governing Board meeting and afterwards Mr Miloslav Kala, President of the SAO Czech Republic and host of the event, opened its official part.

During his speech, Mr Kala mentioned that he is glad that the EUROSAI community met the challenges caused by the pandemic with many innovative initiatives and joint efforts, and called for continued cooperation and inspiration.

The President of the Turkish Court of Accounts Mr Seyit Ahmet Bas as an outgoing President of EUROSAI reported the implementation of the 2017 – 2021 EUROSAI Presidency Programme. He emphasized that EUROSAI has introduced a flexible work approach during the pandemic through online meetings, online trainings and other joint efforts, and despite the challenges, the organization to a large extent met its strategic goals for the reporting period.

The symbol of the EUROSAI Presidency was handed over in an attractive way from the SAI of Turkey to the SAI of the Czech Republic.


Ms Maria Jose de la Fuente, President of the Spanish Tribunal de Cuentas and Secretary General of EUROSAI presented the Secretariat’s 2017 – 2021 EUROSAI Activity Report.

Progress reports from the SAIs of Turkey, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Sweden on the implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Goals and Portfolios were presented, with special mention of cooperation initiatives, the creation of a guide for good practices and 28 capacity development projects.

The EUROSAI Statutes were updated and SAI of Kosovo was admitted as a member of the organization.

The SAIs of Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Portugal presented Activity Reports of the working groups on IT audit, environmental auditing, audit of funds allocated to disasters and catastrophes as well as the task forces on municipal audit, and audit and ethics for the period 2017-2021.

Changes in the EUROSAI budget for the period 2022-2024 were also approved, and the EUROSAI Strategic Plan was updated.

The SAI of Israel was elected as a host for the next EUROSAI Congress. The institution will be EUROSAI President for the period 2024-2027.