The Supreme Audit Institutions of Bulgaria and China strengthen their strategic partnership


Delegation led by Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov, President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office, and composed of Ms. Goritsa Grancharova-Kozhareva, Vice-President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office, and Ms. Tania Konstantinova, Director of the Performance Audits Directorate,   visited the National Audit Office of the People's Republic of China in the period 6-12 July 2019.       
At the official meeting with Ms. Hu Zejun, Auditor General of the People's Republic of China, both parties presented their organisations and audit practices.   

The Bulgarian National Audit Office is the first institution to hold strategic level talks immediately following the adoption of a joint declaration by the Presidents of the two States to lift the bilateral relations to the level of strategic partnership.  

The declaration, based on mutual respect, friendship and trust promotes the active dialogue not only on governmental but also on institutional and local level.        

Ms. Hu Zejun informed the guests on the reform of the CNAO audit management system as well as on significant audits of the CNAO among which are big data audit and performance audit of the management responsibility.           

The BNAO delegation presented to its Chinese colleagues the main objectives and priorities of the adopted BNAO Development Strategy 2018-2022 as well as the opportunities for cooperation between the two Audit Institutions within the strategic goals.     

The delegation also visited the CNAO Regional Offices of Jinan and Qufu where their Directors presented their experience in audit practice development at regional level. 

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