INTOSAI prioritizes the role of SAIs in achieving national goals


More than 600 delegates from 169 SAIs attended the most representative congress in the history of INTOSAI - the XXIII Congress of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, held in Moscow from 23 to 27 September. The Bulgarian delegation was led by the BNAO President, Tzvetan Tzvetkov and included also the two Vice - Presidents Goritsa Grancharova and Toshko Todorov.

The Congress started with the 72nd INTOSAI's Governing Board meeting: “Over the past time, we all have noticed the changing dynamics in the public administration development. Society is increasingly demanding in terms of the quality of public services. And now we are facing the need to clarify the role and functions of audit institutions in public administration. Today we should focus not on only on effective finance administration, but also on the quality of life, implementation of approaches to address global and cross-border issues.”summarized during the Governing Board meeting the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Mr. Aleksei Kudrin.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, congratulated personally the participnats in the Congress at the inauguration ceremony. In his speech he stated that cooperation, interaction and exchange of experience between national external audit agencies is one of the key steps leading to confidence building, predictability in the global economy and finance, and the basis for our joint work to overcome structural problems, promote economic growth, improve people's well-being, and protect the environment – all the priority areas identified by the United Nations as its Sustainable Development Goals.

The two main themes on the agenda of the Congress were "Information Technology for the Development of Public Administration" and "The Role of Supreme Audit Institutions in the Achievement of the National Priorities and Objectives", chaired respectively by SAI China and SAI Russia.

Within the framework of the first theme, presented by SAI China, participants discussed the importance of using electronic information for the development of public administration, as well as the role of big data in SAI’s activity.

The second theme was presented by the Accounts Chmber of Russia and was focused on the role of SAIs in achieving national goals. Delegates dicussed the importance of the involvement of SAIs in promoting good governance and responding to the challenges posed by national governments to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Along with the main panel discussions, there were also strategic sessions held for the INTOSAI development - open discussions gathered small moderated groups where participants brainstormed around the most disturbing issues in the auditing community. Thus all delegates had the opportunity to participate actively in the discussions and to put into practice the INTOSAI motto ‘Experientia Mutua Omnibus Prodest’ (Mutual Experience Benefits All). They discussed the role of SAIs in maintaining and strengthening the trust among SAIs and other authories, as well as with citizens. Participants also talked about what steps should be taken so that INTOSAI could be more efficient and proactive and SAIs even even more relevant.

The Bulgarian National Audit Office actively participated in the topic for SAI’s role in guarding and raising the level of public trust. During the discussion, the Bulgarian delegation presented to the other participants the solutions found by the Bulgarian SAI to the following challenges:

- the need to focus the audit work on issues whose solution will contribute to improving the lives of citizens;

- the active role of the BNAO, setting the model for good governance among other institutions and being a model organisation;

- the need for summarized and analytical information on the results of the audit activity

- the need for feedback by audited entities to improve public sector governance.

- promoting the results of the BNAO's activity using modern tools of presenting them – videos, social networks, etc.

The participants in the discussions agreed that the independence and impartiality of SAIs are crucial to the effectiveness of their work.

During the forum, Russia assumed the chairmanship of INTOSAI, and the Chairman of the Accoutns Chamber of Russia, Alexei Kudrin, became its chairman for the next three years.

The BNAO President, Tzvetan Tzvetkov invited his colleague Alexei Kudrin to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Audit Office next year.

The Congress ended with the signing of the Moscow Declaration, which reflected the main results of the delegations' work.

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