Closing of the twinning project "Further improvement of administrative capacities and external audit efficiency of the state audit office" in North Macedonia



The closing ceremony of the twinning project “Further improvement of administrative capacities and external audit efficiency of the state audit office“ MK 13 IPA FI 01 17 R, took palce on September, 10, 2019 in Skopje.

The project was financed with a total budget of 1 400 000 00 Euros and it was implemented with the support of the National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, leading partner the Republic of Croatia, as a junior partner.

Тhe four main components of the project were: Further improvement of audit process as per ISSAI, Strengthening of SAO audit capacities, Sound cooperation between Parliament and State Audit Office in the anticipation of audit reports established and parliament, and Improvement of the SAO IT communication and human resources management systems to better serve the process of audit.

The project was launched on December, 14, 2017. Experts from 7 SAIs from Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal and the European Court of Auditors took part in it.

More than 40 percent of the staff of the SAI of the Republic of North Macedonia participated in the twinning activities, while training and other project activities covered all the staff at the institution.

Within the framework of the project were successfully realized: 79 missions, 7 study visits, 3 internships, 6 pilot audits, two round tables and one conference. The roundtables were for the interaction between the SAI and the Parliament and for the audit of financing political parties and election campaigns and the conference – for the results of the pilot audits.

Аs a result of the twinning activities to the SAI of North Macedonia were given recommendations for improving its work, including for a more active dialogue with the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia. A proposal has already been submitted to the Parliament for amendment in the State Audit Office Act regulating the order for review and discussion of audit reports in the Parliament.

This project is only a milestone in the long journey that our institutions have embarked upon and will continue to walk together for a better future, said Tzvetan Tzvetkov, President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office.

He also outlined the three important achievements of the project: improved audit methodology, more effective co-operation with Parliament and greater transparency of audit activity, which will form the basis for the further development of the State Audit Office of North Macedonia.

The Deputy Auditor General of SAI of North Macedonia Nasser Ademi thanked all the experts who participated in the project.

Welcome speeches were delivered by Mr. Fred Janmat, Representative of the European Union Delegation to Skopje, Ivan Klesic, State Auditor General of the Republic of Croatia, HE. Angel Angelov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria, and Ana Vucic, Representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia.

The project results and the review of the project activities, conclusions and future challenges were presented by the three project leaders: Vyara Angelova (SAI Bulgaria), Tanja Janevska (SAI North Macedonia) и Bozo Vuletic Antic (SAI Croatia).


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