Bulgaria is cited as a good example of absorption of EU cohesion policy funding


Bulgaria is among the few countries of the European Union that show an accelerated rate of absorption of cohesion policy funding compared to the previous programming period, together with countries such as Luxembourg, Austria, Romania and Finland. This was announced by Ms. Iliana Ivanova, Member of the European Court of Auditors (ECA), during the presentation of the annual report on the implementation of the EU budget for 2018 to her colleagues from Bulgaria. The meeting was attended by President Tzvetan Tzvetkov, Vice President Goritsa Grancharova, Prof. Georgi Ivanov, Member of the BNAO, directors of audit directorates. 

This is the first year in which the ECA did not find any errors in cohesion policy audits in our country, the audit sample comprising 15 transactions from Bulgaria. No quantitative errors in the area of agriculture were detected for the country either, 4 transactions being verified.

These findings of the European auditors for Bulgaria were made against the background of the general conclusions on EU spending, pointing to the fact that high-risk areas such as rural development and cohesion continue to be a serious source of error. At the same time, a significant part of EU spending in 2018 is free from material error and the errors committed are not widespread in many spending areas. The area of economic, social and territorial cohesion has the highest percentage of errors in the absorption of European funds for 2018 – 5%.

“We expect Member States to continue their efforts to better absorb European funds, with a view to achieving more results. The EU must have a clear vision of what it wants to achieve with its cohesion policy funds”, Ms. Iliana Ivanova told her Bulgarian colleagues.

“We are very pleased that the ECA has asked the EC and EP to say what the future development of Europe is. The Bulgarian National Audit Office has already focused on audits, the conclusions from which will support the government in the implementation of its strategic goals and programmes so that citizens feel a real difference in their lives. Because money should not just be spent but one should be able to see what has been achieved within the framework of these goals and programmes.” Mr. Tzvetkov also announced that this would be the topic of a conference organised by the Bulgarian National Audit Office in September to mark its 140th anniversary. 


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