BNAO Internal Audit Unit presented the first cybersecurity audit in the public sector


The cybersecurity audit engagement, carried out by the BNAO Internal Audit Unit (IAU) was presented at the annual working meeting of heads of internal audit units of ministries and other central agencies and Control Methodology and Internal Audit Directorate at the Ministry of Finance.

This is the first audit engagement in this filed, performed by internal auditors from the public sector.

The audit engagement is for consultation and, based on a simulated cyber-attack of the BNAO’s computer system, an assessment of its security was made through penetration testing, said the head of the BNAO IAU, Rosina Choleeva-Kirkova.

The unit is also a pioneer with another audit performed - the adequacy and effectiveness of the Code of Ethics’ provisions. The audit covered the processes and activities involved in ensuring the conditions for establishing and maintaining a good ethical climate within the institution.

Internal auditors should be proactive and innovative, to find out new areas of auditing for the benefit of the public – this is what the BNAO President, Tzvetan Tzvetkov said at the last year's meeting, stressing the need to use new methods and techniques for auditing based on information technologies.

By putting these ideas into practice, the BNAO IAU is also working to realize one of the priorities in the BNAO Development Strategy - to set an example and contribute to good governance and accountability in the public sector, meeting all stkeholders’ expectations.

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