The President of the BNAO Tzvetan Tzvetkov and Vice-President Toshko Todorov attended the Commemoration of the 40 years of the Lima Declaration


The President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office, Tzvetan Tzvetkov and BNAO Vice-President, Toshko Todorov attended the Commemoration of the 40 years of the Lima Declaration. The event, which took place on December 5-6 2017 in Lima, Peru, welcomed delegations of the Supreme Audit Institutions from all over the world.  

The Lima Declaration signed in 1977 is considered as the Magna Carta of government auditing, as it emphasizes that SAIs objectivity and efficiency is possible only if they remain independent from the auditee and protected against external influence.  

Dring the forum it was stated that the Supreme Audit Institutions shall unite their efforts in the fight against corruption. The citizens should also be involved through the open government model. The BNAO is given as an example of implementing this model – the two members of the BNAO Board are representatives of professional organizations, which shows that the audit process is no longer confined within the institution.         

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