The BNAO President to the Serbian colleagues: “A neighbour is more than a brother”


The BNAO President Tzvetan Tzvetkov and Vice-President Toshko Todorov were among the guests of honour at the ceremony in Belgrade held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the State Audit Institution of the Republic of Serbia.

Mr. Tzvetkov congratulated heartily his Serbian colleagues and recalled the good relations between the two supreme audit institutions (SAIs). In May 2008, the Bulgarian National Audit Office received a delegation led by Mr. Sretenovic in Sofia to discuss issues like structure, powers and legal framework of the BNAO; annual planning and reporting; relations with the parliament and the public. A subsequent visit in 2013 was devoted to BNAO experience in the establishment of a methodology department, in performance and financial audits and the role of the BNAO in the EU accession negotiations.

“We are obliged by our geographical and linguistic proximity to build bridges”  said Mr. Tzvetkov and quoted  a popular Bulgarian saying according to which  a neighbour is more than a brother. “That is why I hope that our institutions will continue to work together with common aims and that we can collaborate for the realisation of all benefitial ideas for better control against the waste of national and European resources,” said he.   

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