SAIs – a driving force in the process of joining the EU


The President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office, Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov visited the Republic of Albania on the occasion of the cooperation agreement signed in 2016 with the State Supreme Audit Institution of the Republic of Albania.

In the framework of the visit, Mr. Tzvetkov met with the President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta. During the meeting was discussed the role of the supreme audit institutions in the process of the preparation of joining the EU. SAIs can be a driving force in this process, because they have the opportunity to affect the administration and make it more active, to introduce the good EU practices and to implement the principles of good governance, accountancy and transparency.

On the other hand, the efficiency of the SAI through performing quality audits increases the trust of the European citizens that the candidate country can be a worthy member of the EU. The BNAO has vast experience and is willing to share its knowledge with our colleagues from Albania, pointed out Mr. Tzvetkov. He also emphasized that the membership of our neighbours in the EU is a guarantee for security in the region.

The BNAO President also met with the Chairman of the Parliament of Albania, Mr. Gramoz Ruçi. They discussed the interaction between the Parliament and the SAI. The audit results not only help the legislative body with carrying out parliamentary control, but through the legislative body they receive publicity. Mr. Tzvetkov shared with Mr. Ruçi the BNAO experience in financial control of the political parties and the income and property declarations, which ensure publicity and transparency.

Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov and Mr. Bujar Leskaj, the Chairman of the Albanian SAI, discussed topics, concerning the design of the modern SAI, such as performance audits, audit activity quality control and integrity and also the implementation of the SAI performance measurement framework. The cooperation agreement and the opportunities for future cooperation were also among the discussed topics.

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