Delegation of the Czech SAO visited the Bulgarian National Audit Office


Delegation led by Ing. Miloslav Kala, President of the Supreme Audit Institution of the Czech Republic visited the Bulgarian National Audit Office in the period 20 – 23 November 2017. The delegation included Jiri Kalivoda, Member of the SAO and Michaela Rosecka, Director of the International Relations Department.

The delegation met with the President of the Bulgarian National Audit Offce Mr.Tzvetan Tzvetkov, the two Vice – Presidents Mrs Goritsa Grancharova and Mr. Toshko Todorov, audit and administrative directors – Ms. Tania Konstantinova, Ms Vyara Angelova and Mr. Toma Donchev. The meeting was also attended by the Czech Ambassador in Bulgaria - Mr. Dušan Štrauch.

Among the topics discussed was the future Czech EUROSAI Presidency in the period 2020-2023. Mr. Kala said that he sees the BNAO role as a bridge towards the Western Balkans, emphasizing the active role of the BNAO in EUROSAI.

Mr Miloslav Kala also shared information on the project launched in 2016: BIEP – Benchmarking Information Exchange Project. The project is an alternative form of cooperation carried out in terms of traditional cooperative audits. Its aim is to facilitate comparison of data at international level between the individual SAIs.

Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov presented the BNAO experience, approaches and tools used in the communication and cooperation with stakeholders.

Ms Tania Konstantina, director Performance Audit Directorate, presented to the Czech colleagues the specialized audit software used by Bulgarian auditors in their audit work.

Within the framework of the visit, the Czech colleagues met with the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Yavor Notev. During the meeting an emphasis was put on the activity and interaction between the supreme audit institutions and national parliaments.

Mr. Kala told Mr. Notev that in his opinion the Bulgarian Parliament has the full right to be proud with the Bulgarian SAI, taking into account its international image and excellent bilateral relations established during the years.

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