Consortium Agreement signed between the SAIs of Bulgaria and Croatia


The President of the National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov and the Auditor General of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ivan Klešić signed a Consortium Agreement between the two institutions.

The Consortium partners shall act in partnership for the fulfilment of the Twinning Project Further improvement of administrative capacities and external audit efficiency of State Audit Office MK 13 IPA FI 01 17 R.

The SAO of Macedonia selected the BNAO to lead the implementation of the Twinning project. For the implementation of the activities under the Twinning project, the Bulgarian NAO will be supported by the SAO of Croatia. This is the first time a Bulgarian administration has achieved leadership of a twinning project with EU financing.

The heads of the SAIs of Bulgaria and Croatia confirmed their readiness to join efforts for the successful completion of the project within 21 months. The budget of the project is 1,4 million euro. The Bulgarian NAO will report to the European Commission for the implementation and the progress of the project.

Mr. Tzvetkov pointed out that he is glad of the opportunity to work jointly with his Croatian colleagues for two reasons. The first one is that the two Supreme Audit Institutions of Bulgaria and Croatia, as two European Union Member states, have followed their path of development, supported their own administrations, the development of the public sector, gained knowledge and skills for the audit activity. The second reason is that as partners, the two SAIs should share their experience in Balkan countries, in particular with the State Audit Office of Macedonia, thus supporting its efforts towards EU membership.

Mr. Ivan Klešić pointed out that he is convinced of the project success as it will be helpful for all three participating SAIs of Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia.

The areas in which knowledge will be provided include: improving the audit activity and methodology as per the ISSAIs, creating a mechanism for cooperation with the Parliament, strengthening the IT and communication components.

The project implementation puts the Bulgarian NAO in a position of a trainer, instead of a trainee as for the past few years it successfully completed different international projects under EU programmes.

At the end, Mr. Tzvetkov reminded an interesting fact related to two inventions – the pеn and the computer. The pens, used for signing the agreement, were invented namely in Croatia by Slavoljub Penkala and on the other hand, there is another popular invention – the computer, invented by the Bulgarian John Atanasov. These both inventions actually are the main tools used by auditors in their daily work and through them we hope to achieve successful sharing of knowledge and skills with our Macedonian colleagues.

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