BNAO President Tzvetan Tzvetkov awarded anniversary medals to mark the 135th anniversary of the NAO establishment and 20 years of its restoration


The Bulgarian National Audit Office President Tzvetan Tzvetkov awarded anniversary medals to Arno Visser, President of EUROSAI and the Netherlands Court of Audit, Victor Caldeira, President of the European Court of Auditors, the Bulgarian member of the ECA – Iliana Ivanova, Igor Šoltes, Deputy Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Control of the European Parliament, Manfred Kraff, Deputy Director General of DG Budget, European Commission and Lidia Roumenova, former president of the BNAO in the period 2014-2015.

The prizes are awarded on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of the establishment and 20 years of the restoration of the National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and following a decision of the BNAO Board.

“It is a great honour for me to award this anniversary medal to all of for your personal contribution to the BNAO for becoming a modern institution and worthy member of the European family”, said Mr. Tzvetkov to the honored guest and added that the anniversary medal was issued to mark the 130 anniversary of the Bulgarian SAI and will be awarded till its next anniversary.

The BNAO vice-presidents Goritsa Grancharova and Toshko Todorov, the BNAO members Emil Evlogiev and Prof. Georgi Ivanov and the audit directors attended the event.

Earlier this year, the former BNAO presidents – Prof. Georgi Nikolov and Prof. Valery Dmitrov also were awarded the anniversary medal.


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